When uforia is more than just a feeling…

Longtime uforian Gary has been riding in the Palo Alto Underground since early uforia days in 2012. We did the math-that’s 5 years of uforia and 674 classes under his belt. We’re lucky to have Gary in our uforia Community and this Spring was no different. Banding together with his fellow uforia riders, Gary showed us how far some #uforialove can go.

Here’s Gary’s Story:

I’ve been a friend of a Local family over the last three years. Two months ago their daughter’s car was stolen, wrecked, and abandoned on the freeway. The car was totaled and all that was left for the young lady were the towing charges; and she had no way to get to school and to work.

When I found out, I shared the story with my uforia class and asked if someone had an old car to donate to the family. An obliging couple volunteered their second car, but cautioned that it was in need of some repairs. After the young lady took ownership of the car, she got an estimate of the cost of repair. Then I went back to the uforia Community and asked if anyone would be willing to make donations to help repair the vehicle. The community came through with many generous contributions and it wasn’t long before the car was fixed. Once again the young lady had transportation to school and to work.

She was very grateful, and she brought coffee and pastries for everyone in our class and verbally expressed her gratitude. The experience brought joy to everyone.

I was sure proud of our uforia Community today!


Gary, thanks so much for always spreading the #uforialove at the studio & beyond!