Like many clients, you may have heard about GRIT at uforia, but you’re unsure what it is and maybe you’re intimidated to give it a try. This week we’re joined by amazing GRIT Rockstar, Katie Villany, to give us some insight into GRIT and why we all need to make space for GRIT in the new year.

GRIT:STRENGTH is full-body strength training class, designed to work every muscle group, elevate your heart rate, and motivate you with badass beats.

Katie want’s her clients to, “feel energized, lose themselves in the beat, and leave feeling proud of what we’ve accomplished together.” Like many clients, Katie works a faced-paced job outside of uforia and she wants to bring a face-paced approach to her classes to help drown out the noise and stress outside of uforia. 

It would be an understatement to say that Katie likes having new GRIT clients in her classes, she loves them! Because her classes feel more like a party than a chore. She is intentional about making sure that the work in class is also fun. Katie says, “the best compliment someone could give me – especially a first-timer – is telling me they enjoyed my class so much they’re planning to sign up for another class!” 

Not only is Katie an amazing Rockstar at uforia, she’s also changing the minds of the group exercise skeptics around her. Katie’s husband was a group fitness skeptic but since she started teaching, he’s come to almost every one of her classes… and she doesn’t even need to drag him to the studio anymore! 

A little more about Katie. She grew up as a theater kid and captained her high school dance team. In the decade+ since then, she’s taken every opportunity to replicate the energy and excitement of being part of a cast or team through group fitness. That’s how she stumbled on uforia…
Katie was looking for ways to incorporate weights into her workouts, but going to the gym solo felt intimidating and lonely. She was instantly hooked on GRIT classes, where working out with weights felt more like a party than a chore.
Katie is a firm believer that working out should be fun. Whether it’s your first time trying a group fitness class or your thousandth time, she hopes her music, moves, and method give you a new perspective on exercise. Her goal is for you to leave her class smiling, and eager to come back for more.

You can take Katie’s class every Sunday at 9 am and follow her @katesliftingweights for info on my classes and class previews.