Yvette Johnson

Yvette’s dance career began at the age of 3 in her parent’s living room. Nobody requested an evening’s length performance to Gloria Estefan but she knew what the people wanted before they did. Since then, Yvette has had a colorful decade of dancing professionally in New York City for several dance companies and musical theater productions. Some of her favorite credits include CATS the musical, The Music Man, and The Wizard of Oz. During her dance career, she found dance-base fitness as her go-to side hustle gig.
Over time this side hustle became her full time job, training clients at several boutique fitness studio in NYC, Denver, and Santa Barbara. Upon moving back to San Francisco Yvette found Uforia as a client and quickly fell in love with the community, style of rhythmic driven fitness, and overall atmosphere. She is thrilled to be a part of this rockstar team!
Class description:
Get ready to get your cardio on! Yvette’s class is a fun quick-paced energetic fusion of jazz funk, house, and sassy hip hop. You’ll def leave sweaty and happy.

Yvette’s Schedule

IG: @yvette.the.jet