Rhett Martino

Rhett is a community advocate and spin instructor from San Francisco. He has dedicated his career to community building and advocacy, fostering environments where individuals can grow and thrive. His work has brought him to uforia studios, where he continues to empower individuals through fitness. Rhett‘s spin classes blend dark pop, throwback rock, and hip hop, creating an empowering and energizing atmosphere that motivates participants to tackle their daily challenges with grace. He believes strongly in the power of breathwork as a tool for physical and mental well-being, incorporating it into his classes to enhance mindfulness and resilience. This focus on holistic health is central to his approach, aiming to inspire and uplift the uforia community.
Rhett’s style is Empowering. Eclectic. Vampy. Did you know, Rhett also has quite the crystal collection. Come to class and you’ll meet some of them!

IG: – Social links: rhettmartino