Renee Zeagas

I have always been into sports and when I was younger, was considered a “tomboy”. Growing up, I had an older brother who was very close in age and I always wanted to do what he did. I followed him in sports and became very active. As I got older, fitness and health became a huge interest to me and it started more on the health side as I went to school for massage therapy. This ties into me loving to help others, and after completing massage school, I started my journey into fitness a little deeper. 


What inspires you?

I am inspired to help others reach their goals. I love to help people and am inspired by knowing that I can help drive ones motivational goals. Self confidence is also very inspirational


Why uforia? 

uforia offers something for everyone with a variety of workouts and a fun environment. Music means a lot to uforia which excites me. Not only does uforia provide the fun in a workout and create an exciting workout, it’s affordable for everyone!

Renee’s Schedule