Rebecca Stusser

Rebecca’s Uforia Story: 
I moved from WA to SF without knowing a soul, and just weeks into settling in my new home, I stumbled across uforia while walking to Whole Foods.  I saw members walking out of the studio with yoga mats so I went in to inquire about what uforia had to offer.  Upon learning that hip hop was one of the fitness formats, I was thrilled to take a class. I grew up dancing / doing musical theatre, and this class brought me right back to the happiest years in my life.  I got to learn an entire hip hop routine and perform with the class! I fell in love instantly and auditioned to work here. Had it not been a simple walk to the grocery store, I wouldn’t be here today working with an incredibly supportive, talented and passionate community.
5 Favorite things:
Beaches, banana oat muffins, crafts, old photos, and popcorn
Three words your friends would use to describe you:
Spontaneous, thoughtful, quirky
Rebecca’s preferred pronouns are she/her/hers.
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