Rally Credeur

Rally is uforia’s in-house party boy who comes from the tropical lands of the…. Castro. He works in biotech during the day, then uforia Rev Rockstar by night (and some days). His classes are full of laughter, love, sweat, unicorns, and rainbows. You will often catch him even taking a Rev class tapping his booty back, body rolling, and flipping his hair. If you ever take a morning class with Rally, make sure to mention your favorite brunch meal! Rally’s favorite meal of the week is brunch! In the words of Rally “make good choices!” You can also follow him on Instagram @rallykins

Five Favorite Things:

Brunch, group fitness, shopping, blow outs, and music

What’s your music style?

Anything you can roll your body to while you bite your bottom lip to music that makes you twerk so hard you might need a hip replacement.

Rally’s Schedule