Jessica Baier

Why uforia?

I was a collegiate athlete, so always had a built-in fitness routine. After I graduated, I needed to fill that void. I tried a variety of fitness routines but struggled to find something that gave me the same feeling of…uforia! I found indoor cycling and was totally hooked after my first class. I got the heart-pumping, drenched-in-sweat workout I was craving and had a blast doing it! My goal as a Rockstar is to give that same uforia moment to every student, every time.

What’s your music style?

I’ll play anything with a good beat – Top 40 pop, club remixes, hip hop throwbacks, and classic rock…we’re going to sweat, but it’s gonna be a good time!

Why do you love being a Rockstar?

I LOVE my Clients! There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a sweaty smile from a first-timer after class – I’ve done this long enough, I can tell when they’re hooked. I remember what it was like to struggle with fitness, so I love spending time with anyone who is returning to fitness or it’s just their first time on the bike. I am known for my energy and addictive playlists, but my why is Y-O-U.



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