Hannah Kommer

Hannah loved being on teams for sports in high school, as well as performing as a dancer and singer. In college she realized the athletic and performance aspects of her life greatly suffered as did her mental/physical health. Then she found spin and realized it was the most beautiful combo of intense athleticism, party dancing, and community bonding in sweat. One last thing was missing Рthe performance and leadership aspect. She decided to push herself way out of her comfort zone by taking a training and putting herself up on the podium. She wanted to not only challenge herself but also to represent a bigger/natural body as being someone to look up to for riders.

Hannah’s Music Style:

Eclectic: Raised on Classic rock growing up, partied to pop and hip hop in high school, finding the joy in EDM/House now. Even dated a couple of metal heads. I love a little bit of everything.

Favorite food:

I always get hate for this – watermelon. You may think it’s simple but is there anything else you can shovel down at a picnic as much as fresh summer watermelon?!?

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Hannah’s Revolutions Schedule

Saturday 10:15 am