Caitlin Yates

With a background in dance, including 5 seasons as a Raiderette Cheerleader, Caitlin is a dynamic fitness instructor ready to get you moving. In 2017, she kickstarted her fitness career at uforia studios, teaching GRIT and Revolutions. After four successful years at SoulCycle, her passion for uforia drew her back.

What makes Caitlin stand out is her infectious enthusiasm and deep commitment to the uforia community. She creates a welcoming and supportive atmosphere in her classes, much like the one that drew her in initially. Coming from a dance background, she brings a unique flair to uforia’s music-focused classes, infusing them with rhythm and style. Join Caitlin at uforia studios for a fitness experience that’s not just about working out, but dancing your way to a healthier, happier you. Get ready to move, groove, and transform under her expert guidance.

Caitlin’s GRIT Schedule

Tuesday 5:30 pm