Gwyneth does it … every morning!

…as do many other influential and successful people!

What is it that they’re doing, you ask? Waking up early to Embrace the Sweat!

That’s right, not only is it the most FUN way to start the day, but there is also lots of solid evidence that working out before the sun rises and there’s a line at Peet’s is majorly good for you. Here’s why:

1) No Excuses

Seriously, what else would you really be doing? Hop in bed early and hit the ground running when your alarm clock goes off! Plus, when you get your sweat on first thing in the morning, you’ll be done for the day and won’t have to worry about spending the day coming up with excuses or talking yourself out of an evening workout.

2) Clear your mind

Start your day with a major endorphins boost, and arrive at work energetic and full of great ideas.

3) Burn more calories

Yes, you can actually burn more calories by working out in the morning because your metabolism will be elevated throughout the day. A nice little bonus!

4) You’ll sleep and eat better

You will find falling asleep is easier when you start your day with a good workout, and you’ll be less tempted to grab that scone (even if it’s low-fat) with your morning tea and more tempted to stick to healthy breakfast choices after class.

5) Jam with the best

Meet your friends and Rockstars in an early morning Rev or GRIT class and you’ll have a little more swagger in your step all day!