Get Toned & Fit for Spring

uforia Fuel – Your 6 weeks Results Driven Kickstart 

Welcome to uforia Fuel, our six-week weight loss and nutrition challenge. This program leads to success—each member who took part, who set a goal of weight loss actually lost weight! Don’t wait, join today!

“I lost almost 10 pounds in six weeks, and had fun connecting with my coach at uforia!  The biggest thing I will take away is the importance of tracking food. It makes such a difference. ” — Anne, Fuel participant

The Deets

  • Six weeks of food tracking and all the tools to make it happen
  • Your own personal coach and goal setting expert
  • Accountability with multiple check-ins
  • Two 20-min coaching sessions and daily access to your coach throughout the challenge
  • Inspirational weekly emails
  • A Fuel buddy—a peer that will help you stay on track
  • Come with the desire to crush a goal!

The Results

  • Lose weight
  • Gain muscle
  • Make your fave jeans fit better and feel better in your summer wardrobe
  • Achieve consistency in diet
  • Dedicate yourself to a fitness program
  • All participants who stuck with the program in our pilot whose goal was weight loss, lost weight
  • All participants reported additional health benefits
  • You will sleep better, have more energy and be happier! This is your chance to accomplish a fitness goal and nutrition plan with a supportive community of experts


  • May 7- June 15

Don’t Take Our Word For It…

We ran a pilot program for Fuel, and this is what some of the participants had to share:

“This felt good, and I was happy to have the encouragement from a group of people doing the same thing with me. I felt good during Fuel and was happy to have the push to at least get my workouts back in check. Eating clean is always a struggle for me, and I will continue to plug along!” — Bailey

“I loved doing Fuel during the Thanksgiving week. It made me way more conscious of what I was eating, and I ended the week feeling great. I used the time off to get in more intense workouts than I normally would and didn’t over-indulge. So while everyone else was complaining about the week, I felt great!” — Michelle

The check ins were great, as well as ideas and value adds from others in the group! I loved doing Fuel because it held me accountable for poor decisions I was making. And while the accountability was useful, maybe even more important was the awareness—recognizing how often I was eating out, identifying patterns, noticing times I was more likely to reach for an unhealthy snack, etc.” — Nykea

Get Started

Sign up now: $99 for six weeks—less than $2.50/day!


  • Internet access
  • Access to fitness classes/the ability to workout
  • Availability to Google Hangouts for check-ins with your coach
  • Tape measure
  • Scale
  • Body scan for percent body fat (optional)
  • Ensure your MindBody account email is up to date for communications!

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Now is the fun part—let’s get started! If you have questions before signing up for the program, get in touch with our Fuel team at Good luck—you got this.