Famous Friday: Spinning Celebs

Apparently she wasn't just born that way- girl spins hard for her body!


Hey! All you current (and soon to be) Revolutions and uCycle fans:

Not sure if you knew, but you have pretty amazing (star-like) taste. Studio spinning is sweeping the nation! And in celeb-populated areas like NYC and LA, studio cyclists are burning calories next to people you would assume would rather spend one-on-one time with a personal trainer. But not the case! Group exercise is fun and helps to push you to your max, whether you’re Lady Gaga or Average Joe.  That’s right, even Lady Gaga is a spin addict!

You’re all stars in our eyes, but did you know in-shape celebs like Jake Gyllenhall, Brooke Shields, Kelly Ripa and Katie Couric are also addicited to indoor cycling classes?

If you haven’t had your Revolutions or uCycle fix this week, or if you have yet to try the classes, maybe a visual of Kelly Ripa’s abs and arms will give you some extra incentive.

In Revolutions, we’ll turn the lights down low and the music up high and help you get a full-body cardio fix in just 45min. A star-like sculpted version of the current you is just around the corner: Double-takes guaranteed. Paparazzi not included.