A Party on a Bike


Cycling Series

The Workouts


Revolutions is a 45 mins dance & music inspired cycle class. Roll it out, dance it up and embrace the sweat!


Experience this indoor ride most like an outdoor adventure. The music provides the backdrop for this class and the choreography is simplified. Use your heart rate and effort to push yourself further than you thought you could as you head out on the road.

The Sounds

Define Yourself


Strength Series

The Workout


A perfect blend of strength and cardio. You will experience high intensity intervals paired with badass beats to deliver a complete, full body experience that will leave you lighter, sweatier, stronger and happier.

GRIT: Barre

Experience the power of this signature method and flow that is smart, functional, more athletic yet mindful in its approach. A SoulBody class incorporates the principles of Pilates, the wisdom of yoga, the grace of dance and the body sculpting benefits of traditional interval strength training. This results-driven program brings you a unique yet intense “boutique barre experience” unlike any other.

Werk it out


Dance Series

The Workouts


Experience high energy, make you sweat choreo to your favorite Pop songs! The choreography is easy to follow, with the focus on getting sweaty; think zumba format with moves and music you love. So you’re off beat, you’ll never remember after you leave drenched from head to toe. No need to have dance experience, this class is open to all levels.

DANCE: Hip Hop

If you have dreams of starring in your own music video, this is the class for you! This class pairs progressive choreography with amazing Hip Hop music designed to have you dancing and sweating up a storm and dropping low. No need to have dance experience, this class is open to all levels.

The Sounds