Behind the Scenes with our Concierge Team!

We LOVE our concierge team, we actually wouldn’t have a studio without their hard and often behind the scenes work. This amazing team helps make classes happen, are the smiling faces you greet when you walk into class and help answer all your questions. They also set the tone for the studio (with the help of their music blasting on the speakers in the lobby) and help welcome in clients (new and familiar) and of all abilities. This week we’re featuring our concierge team and learning more about their impact at uforia!

Finding your ‘uforia’ is different for every team member, but once these crewmates discovered uforia, there was no looking back. 

Elizabeth found uforia online and applied for a concierge position. As she says ‘her desperate search for a summer job turned into one of the best decisions I could have ever made! The past 2 years have been such a privilege getting to work in a supportive, health-driven community.’ Elizabeth has worn many hats at uforia, most recently she’s moved into a remote marketing manager role until she is back from school on the east coast. 

Tehjal discovered uforia through a google search and stumbled onto the uforia IG account. As a member of a dance team for the last 12 years through college and then post-college while living in NYC she was desperately looking for a way to still dance & pursue that passion once she relocated to SF. 

Dana stumbled upon uforia during a walk in and after her first class kept coming back. 

Zainab first came to uforia through ClassPass and took Kristin’s GRIT class and was hooked!

Shannon discovered uforia when

she moved to Nob Hill last July. She was looking for a studio that was inclusive, welcoming, safe and had a variety of class options. She was hooked after her first spin class. Shannon is our new Studio Manager, please say hi next time you see her at the studio!

Loving uforia and agreeing to join the team are two different things. Here is what the team says made them want to get 


Elizabeth describes the concierge role as working behind the scenes to elevate each individual client experience. From the initial warm welcome to cold purple towels and always being present to meet clients’ needs, uforia would not be what it is today without our friendly concierge staff. Elizabeth says that it’s an honor to work with and oversee such hardworking people that care immensely about our studio. 

Shannon says that uforia seemed like the perfect place to work and she was drawn to the way the community makes it feel like a home away from home. It’s a small, local business, it’s women-operated, and it’s super LGBTQIA+ friendly. As an added plus, the flexible, unconventional work hours were perfect for a second job. How could she pass up such a fun opportunity?

In terms of favorite classes, this was a hard one for this crew to nail down. 

Elizabeth says Revolutions will forever be her favorite class! She isn’t a self described athlete or fit person but once she found spin classes she was hooked. She says she has taken many varieties of indoor cycling but uforia is by far the best. The instructors care about the client and the class is truly a party on a bike. 

Tehjal and Dana can’t get enough dance, every day please! 

Zainab loves Dance, Revolutions and GRIT equally 😉

Shannon has had a change of heart, while her old favorites, Revolutions and GRIT still hit the spot, she’s really enjoyed stepping out of her comfort zone and taking Dance classes. She loves how you don’t have to be a good dancer to have a great time and get your sweat on. It’s so great to just be able to move your body without pressures of being perfect or being judged! I think the 3 different classes are the perfect trifecta for my fitness routine, I can’t pick a favorite anymore! 

We’re always looking for great people to join our team, email if you’re interested in joining this amazing team!

A huge thank you always to the concierge team and here is where you can connect with them:

Shannon McCelland – Studio Manager @sanfranshann 

Elizabeth Ring – Marketing Manager  @_elizabethring 

Tehjal Suri @ragewithtej…but warning, tej can’t rage like she used to 😉 

Dana Dimitrion @ddeemzy 

Zainab Bahrainwala @zainz26