all about U: Jenn & Shane

We love that Revolutions has become a bonding activity for many relationships; couples come in to sweat-it-out together after a long day as a healthy alternative to the traditional date night. We also love that Jenn and Shane (at left) were one of the first couples to try Revolutions together! The pair came in for a special Valentine’s Day Ride, and they must have felt the love in the air, because as they admit, they’ve been: “hooked ever since!” Read more about this adorable engaged couple below; and perhaps find some inspiration to spice things up with your partner at the studio!

Name (s):  Jenn and Shane


Hometown:  Jenn is from Diamond Bar, CA; Shane is from Leawood, KS.  We both live in Mountain View now.


How long have you been a friend of uforia:

The first class we tried was the 2/11 Valentine’s Day Revolutions ride.  We’ve been hooked ever since!


What’s your go-to class or teacher:

Revolutions with Jackie


What do you love about the class?

Jackie has such great, positive energy.  She encourages you to go at your own pace, but also has the ability to completely motivate you to work out your hardest.  Jackie also always has the best music.  The music keeps the class fun and is a great way to discover new songs!

Why do you choose uforia over other gyms or studios?  

We love the focus on great music.  Every class is upbeat and so much fun that it doesn’t really feel like work.   The studio also has a good mix of classes and the teachers are all top notch.  Shane generally only attends Revolutions and uCycle, but Jenn loves Zumba and uDefine as well!  The schedule for the classes are good, the location is convenient, and the facilities (especially the spin studio) are great.


How do you try to maintain a healthy lifestyle?  

We both use fitbit ( to track our daily activity and try to keep clean, healthy diets with lots of veggies.  We also try to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night and exercise regularly, with uforia being a large part of our routine.

If you had to describe yourself in one word, it would be:

Shane: Musicologist

Jenn: Chocoholic


If you had to describe uforia in one word, it would be: Bubbly


What’s your favorite uforia moment?:

Shane: Jackie playing “Call Me Maybe” and me seeming to be the only person who hadn’t heard of it!

Jenn: The first time I was able to do jumps in Revolutions without feeling like I was going to fly off my bike


Where is your favorite place to go to treat yourself in the Palo Alto area:

Monique’s, Fraiche, LYFE, and Sprout – these are all places we frequent right after a hard class