Rockstar Instructors


Do you have what it takes to lead the party?

uforia is looking for fierce fitness professionals to be the life of the party in our GRIT, Revolutions, and Hip Hop Club classes.  

If your calling is to inspire your community through fitness, uforia is the place for you.  As a Rockstar, you’ll have the opportunity to change lives as you pump up the jams, turn down the lights, and get sweaty with the fiercest crew around.    

“So, what’s in it for me?” (…besides the good vibes, of course) :::


  • guidance through the RS Certification Process
  • one-on-one workshops with Technical Trainers
  • mentorship through first months of teaching
  • brand-specific choreography + playlists provided
  • become an integral member of our community
  • promotional materials created for you by our marketing team
  • social media + marketing provided


  • 2 studios (Nob Hill + Palo Alto)
  • plans to open 10+ studios in the next 7 years
  • optimized schedule (teach multiple classes in a row in order to make the best use of your time)


  • ability to teach multiple disciplines
  • expertise in multiple disciplines allows you to connect with more clients, teach more classes, and optimize your in-studio time
  • expand your skill set + embrace a new challenge

Our Rockstars Are :::

  • super hype
  • party starters
  • technical experts with experience in the field
  • able to learn, master, and replicate choreography  

Interested? Apply Now